UK Calls Indian Nurses…

UK Calls Indian Nurses…

The UK which is in the grip of severe nursing crunch especially the Post Covid time is inviting nurses from India especially Kerala which is the Nurse Hub of India.What makes Indian nurses the most sought after health care professionals and the answer does not require much research of hair splitting, it is simply the experience Indian nurses had from the cradle of their extended families -the father, mother, grand father ,grand mother, the great grand father and the great grand mother.Often they had to look after the parents or grand parents and even they had occasions to look after their relatives.This experience has exposed them to real  natural carer scenario and no wonder they are the best loved nurses the world over.

Post Covid or Mid Covid UK is reported to have a shortage of around 640000 nurses and the health care sector is reeling under the pressure of this shortage which is intensified by the Pandemic.Various Trusts have been actively recruiting nurses online and the UK is the only country which has opened its borders to nurses inspite of Covid.As the shortage is felt to be so severe they have even reduced the entry requirements to the UK by reducing the score for one module in IELTS and OET.If the shortage continues unharnessed there will be chances that there could be further relaxations in the case English Language Proficiency and Experience.For Nurses the journey to the UK is rather a cake walk as the fee they pay for the mandatory exams like IELTS/OET/CBT is reimbursed and their flight tickets and three month accommodation is paid by the NHS.

The spouse and children below 18 years of age area also eligible for the visa with the condition that the spouse should clear ILETS life skill (only speaking and listening).

Many Indians have a vague idea about the UK and they only word they are familiar with is London and I have heard many saying their daughter or son or they themselves are going to London where as their original destination may by in Scotland, Northern Ireland,Wales which are technically different countries.It would be a good ideas if they brushed up their knowledge of the UK, its culture, people, mindset, life style.ethnicity, religion or no religion, currency, health care system, laws etc..before they embark on a career path to the UK.

Also many prospective Indian nurses think that UK is a land of Honey and Milk and everything is perfect and nothing is far from the truth.It is another country with its down side like violence, passive racism, drugs, alcoholism, divorce , broken families, unwed mothers, cultural invasion by other nationalities.The UK has undergone many changes from the time when  ‘Britannia Rules the Waves’ with its vast empire and colonies.It is a small island which relishes sweet memories of its once great past.

Bon Voyage.