All the health care professionals who seek to work in Abu Dhabi are required to pass HAAD (Health Authority of Abu Dhabi) examination and finish the dataflow to acquire their professional registration. Depending on the professional specialty, HAAD Examination is conducted for the following, but not limited to

  • Physicians and Dentists
  • Pharmacists and Assistants
  • Nurses and Midwives
  • Technicians
  • Physicians, Practitioners and Technicians of the Complementary and Alternative

Depending on Professional Specialty, the assessment will be conducted as any of the following.

  • Oral
  • Online Test (Prometric)

HAAD DATAFLOW (Primary Source Verification)

  • DATAFLOW is a specialized international company specifically acts to verify the documents directly from the original or primary source.
  • This process is called Primary Source Verification (PSV)
  • The Abu Dhabi Health Authority leverages PSV solutions
  • PSV screens the credentials
    • Educational Certificates
    • Experience Certificate
    • Health License
    • The Good Standing Certificate

HAAD Registration

  1. The Credential Approval
    The applicants for licensure are credentialed in accordance with the PQR (Professional Qualifications Requirements) of HAAD.
  2. Primary Source Verification by DATAFLOW
    The applicant’s credentials are verified from the source of origin (from the country it was obtained).
  3. Examination Registration

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Frequently Asked Questions

Upon initial license application or license renewal.

PSV helps healthcare sectors to detect any illegitimate certificate.

The document requires to be verified only once. But the process is required to be repeated while acquiring new qualifications and are submitted for credentialing purposes.

  • Passport Size Photo ( White Back Ground)
  • Passport Front and Back Page
  • S.L.C ( Secondary School Certificate)
  • Plus Two ( Higher Secondary)
  • Degree / Diploma Certificate
  • Transcript
  • Registration Certificate (License)
  • Last 2 Years Experience Certificate
  • Basic Life Support (BLS) Certificate
  • Good Standing Certificate
  • Candidate who have abroad Experience, License and Good standing Certificate from the Consent regulatory body is mandatory

Certificate issued by the Medical Council / Regulatory body from where your previous license has been issued or State Nursing Council of last employer.